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XBR Store Analytics - Loss Prevention

 Xstore Point of Sale


Retail Software & Hardware Solutions


MICROS-Retail provides a suite of technology solutions specifically for the retail market: "best-of-breed" POS point of sale, merchandising, loyalty, gift card, loss prevention and EFTPOS solutions to rival all other solutions. With some of the top name brands in Australia and New Zealand, we are set to become a strong force in the supply of retail POS solutions to the industry.

Our story is SIMPLE, we have a complete suite of software and hardware products.

We would like to show them to you.

We think you will like them.

We believe they will benefit your business.

Best of Breed POS, Loss Prevention & CRM Gift Card solutions:
install one solution or the complete integrated suite.

You should know what is available in the market - it's good research.

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MICROS Retail POS, Point of Sale software solutions for retail are highly tuned to deliver excellent ROI.  Our XBR Store Analytics for loss prevention solution offer a customer claimed full return on investment in the first year for 76% of clients, and the other 24% received full ROI within 2 years.  Xstore Java POS is a fully java based POS solution for retailers of all sizes upto retailers with thousands of sites. 

Relate Retail CRM is a complete customer loyalty and account management solution.  Offering unprecedented customer segmentation and campaign mangement and giving a true return on investment and uplift of sales data on both promoted items and indirect sales to complement your campaigns.  You can even use "control groups" to further reiterate the effictiveness of the campaign as you will be able to match the sales data against the control groups sales patterns for the period too.

XBR Store Analytics is the standard for Loss Prevention with over 180,000 stores monitored globally.  Our experience in Loss Prevention is as extensive as it will be valuable in your efforts to bring added profit to your business.  Many retailers don't want to discuss loss prevention and shrinkage but when you could make a big dint in the 1.8% of shrinkage your business faces we feel confident you will want to discover how we can help, and quickly.  XBR keeps saving you money year after year and is measurable, some retailers see full ROI within only a couple of months.  Your reported shrinkage figures may be lower but we generally find they are a bit higher due to other issues which are harder to trace which include margin erosion due to inappropriate discounting.  Contact us today.